20 Clever Ideas To Increase Bathroom Storage

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I wish I had a place for everything and everything in its place, don’t you? Apparently some people have managed this lofty goal in their homes. One of the most disorganized places tends to be the bathroom with its plethora of personal care items. If you’re feeling discouraged because you need more storage space, click through here and get inspired.

M.Y. at hative.com posted this article with twenty clever bathroom storage ideas illustrated. While I wish I could just go out and buy some of these today, I see others I could make this weekend. One tip would immediately solve the problem of hair dryers and curling irons littering up the counter. Another would round up all the tubes and little bottles so I wouldn’t have to root through drawers each morning. See what you can do to neaten up your bathroom too when you click the link below.


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