26 Ways to Expand A Small Kitchen Without Enlarging the Room

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How many times have you thought to yourself that you need more cupboards, more drawers, a bigger pantry, and maybe even a larger kitchen? You swear you’re going to donate or throw out all the stuff you’re not using, but then you think you might need it again some day. But what if you could fit in more stuff and even cut down on the clutter?

JC at livingino.com posted this collection of twenty-six ways you can expand your kitchen without enlarging the room itself. There are genius ideas for organizing all your cooking tools, your food, tableware, and even your appliances. You’ll get inspired to use spaces you never considered before. You’ll see how to repurpose household items to help you manage items like spice jars and rolls of plastic wrap. Discover how to expand your kitchen’s storage space when you click the link below.


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