How To Fix A Squeaky Floor: 10 Steps With Pictures

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Don’t you just hate that squeaky floorboard complaining in the middle of the night? You are just cleaning your wood floor or try to walk quietly, but it creaks loud enough to wake the dead. You don’t have to put up with it any longer. This is a pretty easy repair you can do yourself.

The community experts at shared ten steps with pictures plus a video of how to stop the squeak. First, they describe what causes this annoying noise. Then they recommend where to attack the problem, whether on top  of or below the floor. You’ll see what materials and tools you’ll need, and then how to complete the repair. Even if you have linoleum or carpet on top of the noisy spot, you may be able to fix it without lifting all that up. Find out how to stop the squeak when you click the link below.


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