10 Awesome DIY Ideas For Tiny Laundry Spaces

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Do you have an actual laundry room, or do you have a little closet with two machines crammed inside it? We discussed a special room in our tips on using vinegar in the laundry tricks before. So, if you’re like me where you lived in lots of apartments and small homes, my guess is that you know all about washing clothes in a tight space. But you can make that small space a lot better.

Kathy Woodard at decoratingyoursmallspace.com posted an article with ten awesome ideas for tiny laundry spaces. You’ll see how you could add space for drying clothes or storing dirty clothes waiting to be washed. If you need a place for your machines, you’ll learn how to modify a closet. Plus, discover how to add storage space for detergents and so forth. Get inspiration to remodel or build your own laundry room when you click the link below.


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